Welcome to our Products page! Here, we will be posting pictures and descriptions of our products. This page will be updated every time a new item is made!

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Hope you enjoy...thank you!

All packaged up and ready to be delivered Be"H! The stand was included ;)

Haven't been posting, but Be"H have a lot to come!! Such a pretty connecting canvas!! Tried it on a smaller size, but available in bigger sizes!

What a beautiful finished product!! SO in love with this one!!!

Not the finished product, but what too excited not to post!!!! I'm so excited for this one!! Text to order! 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷

So happy for how this one came out!! :)

So excited for how these are going to come out Be'ezrat Hashem!!!! Not the finished products, but will post as soon as ready Be"H!

Such a cool box!!! Can be a jewelry box, organizer, or anything you want for it to be! So amazed by how it came out Baruch Hashem! Can be customized with a name, letter, or just keeping it plain

Teal, white, gray, and silver resin piece tray! Unique design!! I love this one...text to order!

Matching tray and Nerot Shabbat! So pretty! Can be used together or separate...will be posting other Berachot or writings Be'ezrat Hashem

Just needed to post another one 😉 Amazing design!

Beautiful coaster! Comes in different sizes! Text for more details

Not only trays...such cool keychains available too!! What's your favorite one? Look at next post for the full pictures

Another Mishloach Manot given by a customer Baruch Hashem!

This beautiful Mishloach Manot of a customer! So happy! Purim Sameach to everyone!

Beautiful tray! Challah tray, serving tray, amazing!

Another Tic Tac Toe design!

Large coaster for multiple items with beautiful blue rocks!

Stunning blue and black tray! Can be used for candles, Havdala set, or anything else!

Beautiful acrylic resin tray! Pretty pink! Can be made in different colors